But it is higher in certain counties and for

Note: Players with fewer than four accrued seasons are waived and available to be claimed by other teams for 24 hours. If they go unclaimed, they become unrestricted free agents and can sign with any team any active team, be it for the active roster or practice squad. Players with four or more accrued seasons are free to sign anywhere upon being released..

“I did tell him we were going in another direction, and he was very thankful,” Williams said in an interview at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando, where NFL owners convened Sunday for their annual spring meeting. “He had two Achilles’ injuries, and we stuck by him. We gave him a chance, and he’s very appreciative of it.

“I think the focus with familiarizing ourselves with candidates, that whole process has to be extended. We have to do a much better job of putting the focus on the men and women of color who are out there and are certainly capable of doing these jobs. It is an issue of process, and because of the dynamics that exist in the NFL, what typically has happened is people resort to who they know and feel most comfortable with.

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You start to love people; you start to care about people that’s in that building that you get to come to work with and see every single day. It was more than having that feeling that they were going to move on from him. Whether that happened now or 10 games from now and we had a bad season, it was probably going to happen.”.

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