Cook showed up to play for big games with big time

One migrant worker who decided to make the risky journey on foot was Tapos Mukhi, 25, who set off from Chiplun, a small town in the western state of Maharashtra, toward his village in the eastern state of Odisha, over 1,230 miles away. He had tried to work through the lockdown, but his boss held back his wages, saying he did not have money to pay him immediately. Mukhi took another job at a construction site in June, but after a month of lifting bricks and sacks of cement, a nail went through his foot, forcing him to take a day off.

The brain injuries that result from concussions can also be difficult to diagnose, especially if the force of the impact is lower. “You get hit, and the shockwave goes in and comes back, but you don’t have enough intensity to cause visible damage in an MRI,” Gupta said. The repeated effects of low intensity shockwaves on the body remains a debated topic, and further research is needed to settle this conclusively, Gupta said..

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Tesfatsion: He needs to improve as a blocker, but Cook has everything else you look for in a starting running back. He has the speed, the footwork, the athleticism, the hands and the vision. Cook showed up to play for big games with big time performances.

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