It was an explosive detail that

“I’m here for him and will support him. It’s one of my good friends, but at the same time, we’ve got to work,” linebacker Mason Foster said. “We’re here focusing on Philly and focusing on football, so, best wishes. The coach and offensive coordinator Sean McVay will custom tailor the offense to Griffin’s strengths, but for now, they will do a lot of experimenting. They’ll throw a lot at Griffin, see how much he can handle, how quickly he can absorb the offense and its terminology. Griffin has spent the offseason trying to correct the bad habits that he developed as he played through his recovery.

It will help having Orakpo back to collapse the pocket on the other side and draw more double teams, though it’s incorrect to think Kerrigan’s sack total was only impacted by facing extra blockers. But what also will help is Kerrigan taking a better path to the quarterback. He said after the season that he was too cautious at times heading too straight upfield wanting to keep the quarterback contained rather than taking a more aggressive approach turning the corner, or working back inside.

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