And not just any ole face masks

Technology now is so much more realistic and eye popping than inb the past such as 3D movies and tv’s. Fathead posters are also very realistic and wherever you put it they pop out of the wall by being so life like. These full sized wall images are a new way of bringing a person or an object to your home without changing the artistic view of it.

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At this point, I despair then brighten up and tell my students something fabulous I have learned by reading a book last night such as, the word “sincere” it is associated with the term “sin cere”, meaning without wax that the sculpture doesn’t need any wax to cover slight mistakes it is honest and true!!. I might as well recite, even enthusiastically, the kings and queens of England or the prime ministers of New Zealand or the names of our most successful olympic athletes ( history is my main subject), as to get a positive response. Only one student asks me to spell the term and then writes it down.

Addition to plans for the 2020 football season, the Big Ten competition start dates for men and women cross country, field hockey, men and women soccer, and women volleyball have been postponed through at least Sept. 5. Conference only schedules for these sports will be released at a later date..

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