Lehigh County was particularly hard hit by dangerous

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cheap jerseys nba Set WeatherThe Colonial Industrial Quarter grounds were left submerged in muddy water as the Monocacy Creek became one of several waterways to overspill its banks across the Lehigh Valley.Musikfest and its vendors, for once, were spared, as the coronavirus pandemic forced the 10 day festival happening this week to go mostly virtual. No events were being held in the quarter, where irreplaceable artifacts of Bethlehem’s Moravian roots again became islands among the flooding. Finally gave way to clearing skies, according to National Weather Service observations at Lehigh Valley International Airport.Still, the havoc continued after Isaias dropped as much as 7 inches of rain Tuesday on Lehigh Valley communities.Along with road closures by the score and thousands of power outages, first responders were frantically rushing from water rescue to water rescue, in addition to calls to pump out basements across the region, emergency radio broadcasts indicated.Lehigh County was particularly hard hit by dangerous conditions. cheap jerseys nba

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cheap nba jerseys The WBS chats have been something else recently. I am in touch with and working with the senior staff at the WBS to rectify some of the problems we been experiencing with them. I don expect any easy solution soon, though. Tishman Speyer Properties spearheaded “The Flag Project” in an effort to unite and celebrate the community during the early phases of the coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic. The flags are open to the public and free to view. They are located between 49th and 50th streets and Fifth and Sixth avenues in Manhattan cheap nba jerseys.

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