Besides, saving money is fun and rewarding!

From our experience, it would be better for you to book it after you come to Hanoi as there is an unlimited amount of options, and you can get a 1 day cruise, includes return transfer by us, lunch on board and 4 hour cruise with the stops, and 4 hours each way on a bus from Hanoi, all for about 40 usd, if you want overnight tours in Halong Bay either on a boat or at a hotel, add 50 usd per person for the budget option. Keep in mind that the nicer the hotel the more it cost, the smaller the hotel the cheapest options they will have. Also remember when you go on the tour drinks are at extra charge..

Take action today. Discipline and a savings plan won’t do much good if you don’t take action. Besides, saving money is fun and rewarding!.. MACC President and CEO Art Vento stated, arts have historically been a source of comfort, inspiration, and respite during trying times, so it is with both concern for the present and hope for the near future that we make this decision to limit public interactions during this period of threat to public health. We understand the social responsibility of an institution like the MACC and strive to help keep the whole community healthy in mind, body, and spirit. This is a pause in the programming an intermission, in theater terms.

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