We’ve been able to get this far

Nationwide, workers have some protections in place under existing state and federal law. Although people generally must be out of work involuntarily to qualify for unemployment benefits, they also can qualify after quitting an unsafe job, Kohl said. To do so, they need to document their health and safety concerns and prove that they talked to their employer but couldn agree on a reasonable solution..

It was August 1968 when (left) Airman 1st Class Paul Roeder, Ray Sommer, Greg Yensan and Jerry Hawley, all born and raised here “were toasting better days,” according to Ray who submitted the photo. The foursome, along with Major Torgier Fadum, Airman 1st Class Robert K. Kaiser, Banjamin N.

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“There was definitely some trial and error,” Loarie said. He eventually developed a metal product that is anchored into the ledge surface with pins and secured with epoxy. His company, Skatestoppers, sells devices in various shapes, sizes and materials.

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