We are pleased to be able to honour her memory in

Memories of her contagious smile and spontaneous laughter are cherished by all who were fortunate enough to know her as a classmate, teammate, and a friend. We are pleased to be able to honour her memory in this meaningful way. Shelby Dickey Memorial Scholarship will recognize a female member of the Nipissing University varsity Nordic ski team who demonstrates excellence in athletics, academics and leadership..

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Mike Clevinger and Monday trade deadline remain a topic of discussion after a strong performance against Minnesota this week. In the short term, that brings us to Mike Clevinger. The pitcher has about $750,000 left on contract for the rest of 2020. He also funded SpaceShipOne, which became the first private aircraft to put a civilian in suborbital space, and licensed its technology to Virgin Galactic, the space effort founded by Richard Branson. In 2011, Mr. Allen announced the creation of Stratolaunch Systems, a project to develop a new aircraft considered the largest plane ever flown that is supposed to launch spaceships into orbit..

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