It’s simply not in your interest to do so

Strzok is as critical of Trump as he is zealous in defense of the FBI, sometimes to the point of contradiction. He is indignant that anyone would question the bureau’s motives for opening particular investigations, even while recalling how colleagues expressed their hope that he could get the goods on Clinton. Strzok constantly praises Comey “arguably the most gifted communicator I ever encountered in my 25 years of government service,” a man whose “natural eloquence went hand in hand with his intellectual ability” yet, in his telling, the former FBI director made serious misjudgments that pushed the bureau into increasingly politicized terrain; first when chastising Clinton’s carelessness in handling classified materials even while declining to recommend prosecution, later when informing Congress that the email investigation would be revisited.

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Any left over soap can be quickly piped into smaller molds for future use. If the mixture is not enough to cover the cake, I suggest finishing the piping on a later date when making another pour (that is if you do not want to make a small batch of soap just to finish this project). Note that it might not look the same in terms of color since you will be mixing another batch of soap again.

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