Bottling problems up rarely resolves them and

Cars are a mode of transportation. They help people to get around, and I find that a car is my friend; not my enemy. Cars can get you to wherever you want to go, and as long as you follow the rules and regulations of the road, as well as watch out for other drivers, you will be a safe driver.

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You have to fill your day with things that inspire you, this comes first. Try as much as possible to delegate the things that are uninspiring to you. Pay a roommate to cook for you if you are not an inspired cook. Now place that person in your favorite situation or place. My go to thought is my daughter at the beach. If I have a bad thought, I simply say to myself, “Next slide.” Instantly an image of my daughter and I having fun at the beach comes to me and I am again at peace..

But waiting on an inspiration is useless. Start on the problem and then the ideas will come. Inspiration, LeBoeuf advises, usually comes to those who have done the groundwork.. Take a wide brimmed hat that can double as a sun or rain hat. A wide brimmed hat will keep either the sun or the rain off your face and your neck. In many areas of the United States and Canada the weather can stay quite warm in the fall right up until December so if the forecast is for dry warm weather take your sunglasses.

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