Bennett appeared to hit Cousins in the upper leg on

I think the variety of people I get to interact with is the most interesting. People are such a huge part of this career, and sometimes underestimated. Building relationships is a critical skill to be a part of an engineering team. Having constructed his Alabama dynasty on toil and smarts and might and a protracted war against human complacency, Saban summoned something else on a fickle Monday night in January. He went digging into his own, vast supply of intestinal fortitude, and even that proved to be pivotal. He replaced a decorated, two year starting quarterback in Jalen Hurts, whose late stage, 30 yard run had graced the title game of January 2017, and he went with a freshman in Tagovailoa, who came from the same Hawaii high school as his hero, Marcus Mariota..

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In this case, Bennett was tumbling to the ground near Cousins, perhaps aided by a shove by Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph. Bennett appeared to hit Cousins in the upper leg on his way to the turf. While on the ground, Bennett pulled down Cousins by the lower leg.

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