Pros & Cons of Living In a Portion System

Back to old days, people make their lifestyle while living either in an apartment or a house for sale. But a few years back, the Real Estate in Pakistan has changed a bit that it offers a portion for selling purpose while offering an apartment/flat or a house. The facilities or amenities of a portion are easier and convenient for the people who desire to buy a house and unwanted to live in an apartment. The Property Portals in Pakistan are chock-full with offering a portion for living because it is economically friendly according to the buyer’s range. 

While electing a life living in a portion can be alluring and accessible as a result of the ease that it shelters. When an individual decides to lead their lifestyle with the portion system then there must have some pinpoints that compel them to move with portion instead of a house or an apartment. It’s up to a person that which system they choose but it is also necessary that all have to undergo with the benefits and drawbacks before the things settle down. Most of the real estate in Pakistan have demonstrated each fact related to the property either a house, an apartment or a portion system through their property portals in Pakistan. 

In the post, you will find the pros & cons of living in a portion system as the title speaks itself. Following will be the Pros & Cons of it:


  • Shorter Guarantee
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Cheaper Rents
  • Economically beneficial


  • Lack of Privacy
  • Allocation if Utility Bills
  • Shortage of Parking Space

Let’s endure into the Pros and Cons of living in a portion system. 

Pros of living in a Portion System

Get starting with the pros of living in a portion because this will make an individual’s vision clear and will build ease to decide. Let’s jump into the pros without wasting time.

Live your life in your budget

1. Shorter Guarantee

The people who want property for a shorter time period to shelter themselves then most of the people go with the portion system and the reason is the portion system will allow the people to live for a shorter duration. So it is agreeable that if anyone needs a house for rent then they must be having the commitment for the longer time period but they can easily find a portion on shorter commitments through any property portal in Pakistan who meets their requirements. 

Maintain balance in life

2. Low Maintenance Cost

Low maintenance cost is the other reason for deciding to live in portion system because we can easily find a real estate in Pakistan who provide portions with a low maintenance cost that must be allowing anyone to safe money. The cost you spend on maintenance on the portion is curtailed instead of own property. 

Low Maintenance cost are required in portion system

3. Cheaper Rents

Everyone wants to make their livings on their desired location, house style, beddings and others but they are short of money and can’t pay rent for the full house. Then they must have to select a portion for their livings as now there are numbers of projects built who offer portion for rent and moreover the pricings vary according to the amenities of the portion. The rent of the portion is cheaper than the rent of the full house but you can enjoy living in the astonishing home just by remaining in your limits. 

Cheap Rents are available when choose a portion system

4. Economically Beneficial

Why living in portions are economically friendly? Yes, the portions are economically friendly as we read that the maintenance cost is low and on another side, it is financially supportive for the people who want to live on rent or need a house for the shorter time period. Rather than all this, the cost of living in the portion is cheaper if we undergo all the details.

It is economically friendly

Cons of living in a Portion System

Its time to meet with the cons or drawbacks of living in a portion, so scroll down to glimpse what is listed down.

Numbers of Portions=Numbers of Problems

1. Lack of Privacy

It’s normal that when you start living in a portion then you must have some other people in the alternative portion of the same house. The condition will disturb the privacy and issues will take birth if an individual will have bothering or incorporative neighbours in the alternative portion. Several other problems will occur as each family will share the same staircase, same entrance, one roof and many others. 

Shortage of privacy

2. Allocation of Utility Bills

If the house is built several years ago then it must have one electricity bill, gas bill and others. What does it mean, is every family has to share utilities? Yes, each family will be required to pay the utilities by sharing and this can carry problems if your neighbours don’t fall in the list of good people. But the houses that are constructed for a portion system then the residents can enjoy having separate utilities. 

Problems when utility bill is divided into various portions

3. Shortage of Parking Space

The obvious fact is, there must be other families living in the alternative portions and sharing everything like your utility bills, entrance etc. another problem is every family may have vehicles to move in the city. So the question arises how each family will share the parking area? Yes, this is possible to share utilities etc by dividing equally but parking space is the things that can’t be divided as the house carry one slot to park the cars. The shortage of parking will occur when you choose to live in a portion system. But if the house is built only for portion system then they must have a separate parking area according to the levels of the portion.

May suffer parking issue


The real estate in Pakistan offers every type of portion like brand new for sale, short portions for short families and everything you want is provided on the various property portals in Pakistan. The portions facilitate too much to the residents and let the residents lead tens free life with the growing standard of life. 

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